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Blomdahl Medical offers an array of hypoallergenic and nickel-free jewellery; with addition to our ISO accredited medical ear and nose piercing system. Our designs are classic and stylish. The earring models range from a small elegant pearl or stone, to more playful shapes, like hearts and flowers. Whatever the shape and colour, all the components that come into contact with the skin must be guaranteed skin friendly.


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Blomdahl often sets higher standards for themselves than the law actually requires. Due to our products being surgically invasive and/or coming into long-term contact with the skin, Blomdahl have decided to follow all critical parts of regulations applicable for sterile medical devices.

Our skin friendly jewellery and medical piercing jewellery complies with the limits for nickel, cadmium and lead as stipulated by REACH regulation. In many aspects, we have gone further than required by regulations, i.e the nickel content and/or the nickel release is 0% or so close to 0% that our jewellery cannot cause nickel allergies.

Check out our certifications here to know more about us!

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