Skin Friendly Jewellery

Contact allergy is an allergic skin reaction from contact with a substance. It can develop at any time in life and you can for example become allergic to nickel if you use jewellery containing nickel.

Approximately 10-20% of the population suffer from nickel allergy. Although nickel allergy is the most common type of contact allergy, jewellery can contain many other allergens, such as cobalt, gold, epoxies and acrylates.

They may also contain toxic, carcinogenic or otherwise unhealthy substances, such as lead, cadmium, formaldehyde, phthalates and bisphenol A (BPA).

Blomdahl skin friendly jewellery is developed in consultation with dermatologists to be suitable for everyone who wants to avoid contact allergies and other health risks. Using only the safest materials, Blomdahl is recommended for children and adults who want to be able to wear jewellery every day, without having to worry about their skin and health.

It means that there should be no nickel in the jewellery. However, the unfortunate truth is that even if jewellery is marked nickel-safe/ nickel-tested/ nickel-free, the jewellery may still contain nickel. This is because nickel is present in virtually all metals even the purest metals have trace amount of nickel. 

Some manufacturers define "nickel free" as free of nickel in the plating or overlay but utilise nickel alloys in the base metal to increase durability and reduce the cost of goods. The warm humid weather in Singapore and sweat can cause the plating to wear and nickel from the base metal to leak, thus an allergic reaction to the nickel in the base metal can still occur.

The EU Nickel Directive (2004/96/EC) limits the amount of nickel that jewelry is allowed to leak. However, even if these guidelines are being followed, people who are extra sensitive are still at risk of developing nickel allergy.

Read our blog post to find out more.

For earrings, you can choose from carefully selected medical grade quality titanium. Our colour coating is only applied to the portion of the earrings that don’t come into close contact with your skin. The part of the earrings which are constantly in contact with your skin are always made from pure, medical titanium.

Bracelets and necklaces from Blomdahl have a beautiful and skin friendly gold or silver coloured coating which has been applied on high quality surgical, stainless steel (316L). As chains and pendants do not sit as close to the skin as rings, earrings do, they can be completely covered with our skin friendly coating. To protect your skin and your health, Blomdahl uses a coating that has been developed in consultation with dermatologists. This unique, ceramic (durable) coating makes the bracelets and necklaces up to 300 times safer, compared to the same jewellery without this coating. Therefore our skin friendly jewellery is suitable for everybody, even if you have nickel allergy.

Quality Certificate

All our skin friendly jewellery comply with 2004/96/EC (“The EU Nickel Directive”), and the limits for cadmium and lead as stipulated by EU regulation, (REACH).

Furthermore, we have gone further than required by the regulations, i.e. the nickel content and/or the nickel release is 0 % or so close to 0 %, that our jewellery cannot cause nickel allergy.

  • Remember to handle your skin friendly jewellery carefully. That way it will stay beautiful for longer. When you don't use it, keep the jewellery in the Clean Pack that it was delivered in.
  • Remove your jewellery when showering. Avoid exposing your jewellery to makeup, hair care products, perfume, alcohol and other chemicals.
  • In order for your jewellery to retain its lustre, remove and clean it with uncoloured soapy water regularly.
  • In order to make the titanium earring backs tighter and therefore more secure, press the loops of the earring back slightly together before use. 

        All of our titanium earrings are made from pure medical grade titanium. The Silver, Gold, or Black part of the earring is made from a skin friendly colored ceramic coating. This part of the earring does not come into direct contact with your skin. The Natural Titanium earrings have no coating.

        All retailers interested in becoming a stockist can contact us at 6748 3133 or support@blomdahl.com.sg

        Ear Piercing & Healing

        Everyone experiences ear piercing differently. Some say it burn a little, others that they can barely feel it at all. Although children may have longed for getting their ears pierced, it sometimes happens that they change their mind after the first hole. Because of this, Blomdahl have developed medical simultaneous ear piercing, which means that both earlobes are pierced at the same time. The whole procedure is faster, safer and is more comfortable for the child.

        Watch our video to see how an ear piercing is carried out in a safe way using Blomdahl.

        Approximately 10-20% percent of the population suffer from nickel allergy, which is the most common form of contact allergy. Contact allergies can develop at any time in life, and an ear piercing makes the skin more vulnerable to inappropriate materials, such as nickel, gold, palladium, cobalt and so on. That is why Blomdahl use only the safest materials. Our piercing earrings are developed in consultation with dermatologist to be suitable for everyone, even those who have the most sensitive of skin and suffer from allergies. 

        Pure medical titanium is the safest metal. It is the same type of material that is used for medical purposes, for example in dental implants. Therefore, if you wear earrings made from pure, medical titanium, you will not have to worry about nickel and other harmful substances.

        Medical ear piercing from Blomdahl is based upon what within the health care industry is known as “modern aseptic technique” and is carried out using sterile disposable products. This means that our products and methods are safely designed in order to avoid the spreading of infections when piercing.

        Our piercing earrings are developed in consultation with skin specialists to be suitable for everyone, even those who have sensitive skin and suffer from allergies. The piercing earrings are designed to facilitate the healing process. For instance, the earring backs on Blomdahl piercing jewellery are always fixed at the tip of the post where it encapsulates the tip.The piercing jewellery is also designed to make the hole slightly wider in the beginning, which eases the switch to normal earrings after the healing period.

        Our quality-assured manufacturing takes place in Halmstad, Sweden, in accordance with ISO 13485, an international quality standard for medical devices. This means that we have full control and traceability over all stages of production, from materials used to finished product.

        An ear piercing is in fact a small wound. It is important to take proper care of it throughout the healing period (approx. 6–12 weeks), in order to avoid it getting infected. By following the aftercare instructions, you can minimize the risk of infection. In the written aftercare instructions, you are advised to clean the hole thoroughly twice a day, using soap and water or Blomdahl Piercing Aftercare cleansing swabs, which are gentle on the skin and easy to use.

        If you have had an earlobe pierced, you can remove and replace the piercing earring after 6 weeks, at the earliest. It takes longer for a hole in the cartilage to heal, so if you have had your cartilage pierced, we recommend that you leave the piercing earring for at least 12 weeks.

        All medical professionals can contact us at 6748 3133 or support@blomdahl.com.sg

        Shipping, Returns & Exchanges

        Normal Orders

        We usually ship within 48 hours Monday through Friday, usually sooner. Delivery should take 2-5 working days. Please take note that delivery may take a few days more during peak and holiday seasons.

        Back Orders

        The items you picked had an overwhelming response and is temporarily out of stock. Your order will receive priority to the item when it is restocked. You should be able to receive your items in 10-14 working days.

        Please email us at support@blomdahl.com.sg with your order number and correct delivery information.

        Please take pictures of the parcel packaging, product packaging as well as the damaged product. Email the pictures with your order number to support@blomdahl.com.sg.

        To be eligible for a return or refund, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging (i.e seal has not been broken / the clean pack has not been opened).

        For more information about our returns or refund policy, please refer to this Returns & Exchange Policy 

        No, the customer will have to bear the return shipping costs.

        Shipping costs are not included in refunds.


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