The images depicts simultaneous ear piercing. The steps are the same as when you pierce one ear at a time.

Marking spot on ear lobe in preparation for ear piercing
Disinfect ears with alcohol swabs to cleanse the piercing site of germs
Piercing the ears simultaneously using sterile disposable products
Girl smiling radiantly with her freshly pierced ears


The desired location is marked with a surgical marker pen. This helps to indicate the site of the piercing.


The skin is prepped and cleansed with alcohol swabs. The alcohol disinfects the skin prior to piercing in order to prevent infections caused by bacteria on the skin.


The ear piercing is carried out using sterile piercing earrings positioned inside sterile disposable holders. All the parts you come in contact with, comes directly out of the sterile packaging.


No more hesitation after the first ear has been pierced. This method is faster, feels safer and is more comfortable for the child.

Child smiling and posing with Blomdahl Singapore hypoallergenic earrings. Blomdahl earrings are hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin and children

Safe Piercing Technology

Our medical ear piercing is developed entirely upon what is known as "modern aseptic technique" within the health care industry. This means that all our products and methods are safely designed to avoid the spreading of infections during piercing. The sterile methods guarantees that the piercing is hygienic and safe.

Contact Allergies

Contact dermatitis is a condition that makes skin red or inflamed after contact with an allergen. It is important to choose the right jewellery as about 17% of the population has nickel allergies.

Allergies can develop at any time in life and a piercing makes you more vulnerable to inappropriate materials such as nickel, gold, cobalt, epoxy, etc. That is why Blomdahl is so careful to use only the safest material that is skin friendly.

Earring with the label pure medical titanium for the post and coated titanium on colored parts
Pierced ears with hypoallergenic jewellery

Skin friendly materials -
even for those with allergies.

Our hypoallergenic earrings are developed in consultation with skin specialists and suitable for everyone, even if one already has an allergy. Blomdahl has hypoallergenic medical grade titanium. The color coating is applied only to the parts of the jewellery that do not come into close contact with your skin.

The promise of Blomdahl Singapore. To create beautiful skin friendly jewellery without compromising on quality due to costs