What makes Blomdahl special?

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Earrings — from hoops to pendants and studs, we love to match them with our outfit or when we want to show off a little bit of our personality. However not all of us are fortunate to wear any type of earrings we please. Like us here at Blomdahl, we know that for some, our ears are sensitive to certain materials which can further irritate our delicate skin. Earrings can regularly bother some people, making looking beautiful an uncomfortable experience. 

If earrings are troublesome to you, welcome to the club. You have a nickel sensitivity and are not alone. Research has shown that nearly 1 in 4 people have some degree of nickel allergy. The symptoms may vary in severity per individual and can worsen over time especially if you try to force your ears to get used to it.


How can Blomdahl help?

Our goal is to make beautiful nickel free earrings that directly address your nickel sensitivity. As you know, the easiest way to get relief when your ears start acting up is by removing your earrings. That is because removing your earrings is essentially removing the material that causes the reaction. Now, this is one of the options you can do but it sadly does mean that you won’t have any nice earrings to put on. Thanks to Blomdahl, you now have another option! Remove your irritating earrings and replace them with Blomdahl! 

The result will be the same as wearing no earrings — your symptoms will disappear, and exactly for the very same reason: you still removed the material that is causing the problem which is nickel! Blomdahl curates jewellery with dermatologists to manufacture truly hypoallergenic jewellery. Our titanium earrings are actually medical grade black titanium earrings, which are made of the purest of medical grade titanium that is the safest metal you can find. 

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All of our earrings, be it natural titanium or gold titanium, we offer a solution for people who struggle to wear earrings comfortably. Wearing Blomdahl’s earrings not only provide you with the comfort and relief you desire, but also slows the progression of your nickel sensitivity. Once you become sensitized, your symptoms will worsen with continued exposure to nickel. By removing the nickel from your earrings by wearing Blomdahl earrings, you halt the exposure to nickel from the most vulnerable part of your body. Wearing Blomdahl earrings allows you to remove the irritant causing the problem, while still wearing earrings! Start your safe earring journey with us today by browsing through our catalogue